Brewers Secret IV

Brewers Secret IV

90,00 kr
90,00 kr
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v/1 bottle: 90 Dkr

v/3 bottles: 225 Dkr

v/12 bottles: 900 Dkr

The time has come for the fourth chapter in the Brewer’s Secret universe. Just like the former secrets, this one is created for those who are looking for an extraordinary experience but won’t compromise on high drinkability and smoothness as deciding factors. Only the Brew Master and the owner know the full process behind these secret beers, and this new member of the Brewers Secret family is no exception.

The Brewers Secret IV is a result of the Brew Masters interpretation of the old Bavarian Weizen (Doppel)bock. 

It takes a great deal of patience to achieve such a well-balanced and complex beer. A long and slow fermentation over months was required to reach the high, but not over powering alcohol volume.  

After several months in cold storage when the Brew Master and owner were completely satisfied, it was bottled in the characteristic tailored Krenkerup bottle, with it’s very unique and special label design. 

Brewers Secret IV has been brewed using the very high-quality home grown Krenkerup malting barley and the finest German hops sourced from selected growers.

The Aromas are fruity with banana and rum notes. It’s a full-bodied and complex beer with weak notes of clove and Cocoa and with loads of malty notes, prunes, overripe sweet banana and rum. 

A secret process/ingredient were added to the brew, adding typical woody notes of untoasted oak casks and smooth tannins which also gives the beer a tiny vinous touch. 

You immediately feel a warmth in your body - with its 9,5 % this is a beer you drink with respect and a great deal of enjoyment.

Brewers Secret IV is a beer out of this world. This is an extraordinary and high-quality beer and once this Secret is gone, it is gone. We only make a single batch of each Brewers Secret before discarding the recipe never to be copied or used again. Our Brewers Secret beers are one off, limited editions. No replicas, No reissues…


Alc. 9,5 % vol.
Ingredienser: Vand, bygmalt, hvedemalt, humle og gær.